Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Foundation

Einstein 29, Ramat Aviv 69101, Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel: 972/54/4860597.

At the Sun Blessing Festival, the Miriam F. Lindberg Foundation will host the poetry event, 13 April, 2009, at the Noam Synagogue, Saraia, Safed.

Miriam F. Lindberg Foundation sponsored; Poetry Evening:
Poems by Prof. Stendig-Lindberg and Miriam Lindberg, read by Eva Ariela Lindberg,
and SUN theme poems read by Reuven Goldfarb and Adam Schonbrun.

For more information about the poetry books written by Miriam F. Lindberg and Prof. Stendig-Lindberg see:


The Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Foundation, awarded Poetry for Peace Prizes to gifted, yet unpublished poets, internationally as well as locally, during many years. The aim of the Foundation is to publish the writings left by Miriam Felicia Lindberg and to encourage Contemporary Poetry and Peace work. Another support the Foundation is currently focusing on is the enhancement and encouragement of Peace Work in the Middle East, one of them being the Leadership for Peace Conference.


Miriam Felicia Lindberg was born in 1957 in Stockholm and buried in Jerusalem in 1975, she was eighteen at the time of her death. She was known for her fight against nuclear weapon, her involvement in youth communities, rich creative gifts and intensive work, in spite of her youth, for the cause of Peace in the Middle East and for Israel’s right of existence; for a safe, peaceful world for all of humanity. We remember her not only for her creativity and activity, but for her great souls.


She wrote poems, beginning of age 8 in Hebrew, then later ones were in Swedish, English and in French.

The Book; “The Song of Miriam” is obtainable through contacting the Foundation directly; Einstein 29, Ramat Aviv 69101, Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel: 972/54/4860597.

For Donations; Bank Mizrahi, Ramat Aviv, Branch 493, Acctn# 476531

Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Foundation.