and Solar Energy Displays - April 2009

The Meaning of the Logo For the next 28 years our intention is to co-create new visions and dreams for a better world, individually, socially, and globally. more...
How often do
we celebrate
our Sun’s Birthday?
Only every 28 years!! (Read More about it in Kabbalistic Info) Join Us in Safed/Tsfat,
North of Israel 8-15 April, 2009
  • A Modern Biblical Community Event
  • A Renewal of Alternative Solar Energies
    — recharging our environment for another 28 year cycle
  • An Evocation of Mystical Experiences, featuring a ceremony on the Citadel
    — Kabbalah lectures, tours, workshops, chants, all night Seder and more.
  • A Celebration of Cultural Diversity, with musical Performances,
    — art displays, poetry readings, and playful activities, and
  • Is Blessed with Exceptional Timing, as it is considered by the Kadosh Elyon
    — to be the third most auspicious Birkat HaChama (Sun's Birthday) in history!
Now is the time for changing ourselves & our environment... to become a purer world to live in!